Need to incorporate? Create a Partnership? Want to operate as an LLC? Please contacts so we may advise you in the best option for your company. If a Corporation is your best option, we will assist you in the entire process, providing the following associated services:



1.   Initial consultation

2.   Corporate Name Search and Clearance

3.   Preparation and filing of the Articles of Incorporation

4.   Preparation of the Resolution of the Incorporator

5.   Preparation of the corporation's Bylaws

6.   Preparation of Organizational Minutes, or Board Resolutions

7.   Preparation of the Minutes, or Resolutions, of the First Shareholder's Meeting

8.   Application and attainment of Federal Tax Identification number

9.   Filing of form 2553 for S-Corporation electionTax status

10. Preparation of the Information Statement of Officers and Directors

11. Corporate Minute Book with Stock Certificates and a Corporate Seal




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